Spiro TMD

The Spiro TMD is a heated macro-porous PTFE membrane desolvation module that reduces solvent derived polyatomic interferences in the ICPMS mass spectrum. Both aqueous and organic solutions can be desolvated, making the Spiro ideal for HPLC applications.

  • Heated Macro-Porous PTFE membrane
  • Desolvation of Aqueous & Organic Solutions
  • Reduces solvent derived oxide, hydride and carbide polyatomic interferences
  • Suitable for sample flow rates < 400µL/min through apex
  • Removes volatile acid matrix, i.e. HCl, HF
  • Fast rinse out
  • Can be used with or without the apex
  • Add membrane desolvation to standard introduction systems
  • Easy to maintain and clean. User replaceable membrane sheets
  • CeO+:Ce+ ratio approximately 0.03%

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Spiro TMD membrane desolvator

Spiro TMD membrane desolvator

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