soilFAST 7 Second Mehlich - 3 Soil Analysis

The soilFAST for soil sample analysis combines a high speed autosampler with fluoropolymer injection valve for a high throughput, robust sampling system. Soil samples are vacuum loaded into a fluoropolymer loop in less than one second and injected into the nebulizer and micro spray chamber. Ninety Mehlich-3 soil extract samples may be determined in less than 11 minutes - only 7 seconds, sample-to-sample.


  • SC-FAST DXi Complete system
  • 8 port high-purity fluoropolymer injection valve and all connections
  • Quartz micro cyclonic spray chamber
  • Sapphire Injector
  • Defined methods

SC-FAST 12 Soil Samples

soilFAST SC-4 DXS Samples with Optima video:

soilFAST Autosampler video:

soilFAST Sample Injection video:

soilFAST Dual Flow Rinse video:

The SC-2 DX soilFAST System

The SC-2 DX soilFAST System

8 port FAST Valve comes with two 0.1 mL sample loops and micro quartz cyclonic spray chamber

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