scoutDX Automated Process Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of semiconductor process chemicals and ultrapure water (UPW) is vital to provide the information needed to improve manufacturing processes and maximize product yield. Metal impurities are monitored in process chemicals at delivery (by tanker or drums), at the central chemical supply, at distribution points, and at the point of use. Chemical monitoring is required 24/7 to verify low or even sub-ppt levels of metal contamination.

Real-time ultra-trace metal monitoring system

Remote Modules

  • Remote sampling (up to 300m, standard configuration)
  • Remote sampling with dilution (up to 300m, standard configuration)
  • Small volume sample transfer (1-3mL)
  • Dedicated transfer line for each chemical

Central System

  • Autocalibration
  • Fully automated system (24/7 in-FAB monitoring)
  • QC functions (over range, recalibration)
  • Multiple chemicals or streams monitored


  • Smart software interface
  • SECS/GEM communication capability
  • Set contamination limit
  • Send Alerts

Remote Sampling Modules

Each scoutDX remote module collects and transfers a sample (TX model) or collects, dilutes, and transfers a viscous sample (DTX model) providing:

  • Remote inline sampling for all process chemicals and UPW (from distances of up to 300 m)
  • Small volume sampling (>10 mL), minimizing consumption of precious high purity chemicals
  • Dedicated transfer line for each chemical
  • Fast and complete rinse-out

Central System

The scoutDX controls up to 20 remote sampling modules. Each module collects a small amount of a chemical or stream and transfers it to the central scoutDX system for ICP-MS analysis. Rapid transfer rates allow the system to provide real-time ICP-MS detection of ultratrace metal impurities in each chemical. This capability allows monitoring at many locations throughout the semiconductor fabrication plant without compromising detection limits.

The fully automated scoutDX central module is capable of:

  • Autocalibration
  • QC functions (over range, recalibration)
  • Monitoring multiple chemicals or streams

Control Software

Intuitive software controls the scoutDX central module and ICP-MS, as well as all remote modules. Communication of data and tool status uses industry standard machine control and communication protocols. Element-specific limits for contaminants can be user-defined for each sampling point. Any values that exceed the user-defined limits trigger an alarm. An alert is also sent to the central system.

Benefits of Real-time Monitoring

As organizations look to improve productivity and use real-time data to better understand and improve processes, the scoutDX/ICP-MS system offers several benefits:

  • Immediate detection and notification of metal contamination to:
    - minimize product loss due to accidental contamination
    - allow investigation and elimination of sources of contamination
    - optimize chemical lifetime and reduce cost of disposal and replacement
  • Improved product yield
  • Reduced human contact with hazardous chemical samples, improving safety and reducing manual handling errors
  • Customizable software to enable flexible, user-defined parameters for contamination control at every sampling station

scoutDX Central System

scoutDX Central System

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