Mobile Stand for SC-2 and SC-4 DX Autosamplers

The mobile stand for the SC-2 and SC-4 DX Autosamplers secures and positions the SC-DX, eliminating the need for an autosampler table. The SC-DX mobile stand offers many other benefits.


  • Convenient - Autosampler, pumps, rinse and waste bottles contained in a single unit
  • Compact - Footprint only slightly larger than autosampler itself, saving valuable lab space and maintaining accessibility to sample racks
  • Attractive - Stand eliminates need for separate table
  • Mobile -
    • Locking wheels easily unlatch to move autosampler for instrument maintenance
    • Eliminates unnecessary external connections to rinse solution and waste reservoirs
    • The intermediate shelf can be used to support automation options such as syringe pumps or for storage of optimization solutions
    • The lower shelf holds rinse solution and waste bottles and allows the rinse container to be refilled in place
    • Integrated enclosure with or without ULPA filtered environment


Accessible rinse bottle can be refilled in place

Storage space for racks and solutions

Download SC-2 DX Brochure
Download SC-4 DX Brochure

Mobile Stand for SC-2 DX Autosampler

Mobile Stand for SC-2 DX Autosampler

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