A full range of autosamplers are available to meet any laboratory's needs. The combination of dual flowing rinse station and guide free sample probe have been proven to reduce blank contamination and sample carry over. SC-Autosamplers can hold the widest range of both large standard racks and/or micro racks, with vials ranging from 500µL to 250mL.

Current SC-Autosamplers are:

SC-DX Autosamplers have many unique features:


  • Longer life components
  • Enhanced chemical resistance

Unsurpassed capacity

  • Maximum sample space utilized on the sample platform
  • Smallest footprint / sample

Dual Rinse Station

  • Allows the use of 2 different rinse solutions
  • Mimics the best manual sampling procedure
  • Reduces contamination of Blank solutions
  • UltraClean option
    • Rinse solutions only contact PFA, no contamination from peristaltic pump tubing
    • Rinse solution gravity or pressure fed


  • Move Next sample feature
  • Simultaneous linear / polar motion ensures rapid movement between samples
  • Sample to rinse time ~3sec
  • X-Y-Z speed user controllable

Low Cross Contamination

  • PFA encapsulated carbon fiber sample probe, contour designed to reduce droplet formation
  • Controlled probe retraction speed, eliminates droplet formation on probe
  • Enhanced probe rigidity improves accuracy and removes need for probe guide


  • Software interface is compatible with most ICP-OES & ICP-MS systems
  • Configurable for many applications
  • Switch between instruments

A range of options are available for the SC-DX Autosampler:

Examples of SC-2 DX Rack Configurations

two standard racks (3x7) other standard rack sizes include 4x10, 5x12, 6x15, etc.

four small racks (21 position)

250 mL bottle rack, 24 position small rack and, 96 well microtiter plate

Download Software

SC-2 DX Autosampler

SC-2 DX Autosampler

SC-2 DX FAST with Mobile Stand

Wide variety of racks can be used with the same
sequence run.

SC-DX Autosampler Animation

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