SC-8 DX High Capacity Autosampler for ICPAES and ICPMS

Elemental Scientific introduces the SC-8 DX eight-rack autosampler for ICPAES and ICPMS. The SC-8 DX is available in standard and high speed versions and is fully compatible with the FAST high speed sample introduction system.

The SC-8 DX is the smallest eight-rack autosampler on the market. It is designed for laboratories that have limited space but need to improve efficiency through higher autosampler capacity.

The high-capacity SC-8 DX increases the length of unattended runs and reduces the time associated with reloading sample racks on smaller autosamplers.

The SC-8 DX is the only eight-rack ICP/ICPMS autosampler with immediate access to all eight racks. The SC-8 DX can be configured to hold up to 99 standard/QC.

Clean enclosures with exhaust outlet or ULPA-filtration are available for the SC- 8 DX autosampler.

System Includes:

  • FAST Valve
  • PFA-ST MicroFlow Nebulizer
  • 2 Sample Probes
  • 4 Standards Racks (10 positions)
  • 4 Large Racks (21, 40, 60, 90 positions)
  • 50mL Standards Vials (40 ea)
  • 15mL Sample Vials (60 ea)
  • Spray chamber and sapphire injector (Complete System Only)

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SC-8 DX eight-rack mobile autosampler

SC-8 DX eight-rack mobile autosampler

Part # Description
8DXF-C SC-8 DX FAST Complete system
8DXF-A SC-8 DX FAST Basic system

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