SC-4 DX Autosampler

The SC-4 DX provides a full-featured autosampler with a small footprint, making it ideal for labs with minimal bench space. It can hold up to 4 standard racks or 6 micro racks. Combinations of standard and micro racks are also possible in the same run. The SC-4 DX is ideal for laboratories with moderate to high sample loads and a variety of sample types.

  • Small footprint (295mm x 770mm)
  • Dual flowing rinse station, mimics best manual rinse procedure, ensuring fast washout of the previous sample and minimal blank contamination.
  • Rigid probe, that can accurately enter small vials without the need for a probe guide.
  • Small probe length and short sample tubing improves uptake and washout. Ideal for self aspirating nebulizers.
  • Controls the FAST flow injection accessory for high sample throughput or chromatography applications.
  • Holds a variety of vials from 0.5mL microcentrifuge tubes to 250mL tall bottles.
  • Maximum sample capacity for a given work area, can accommodate from 576 samples x 4mL to 20 samples x 250mL.
  • Accomodates up to 10 Standards

System Includes:

  • FAST Valve
  • PFA-ST MicroFlow Nebulizer
  • 2 Sample Probes
  • Standards Rack (10 positions)
  • 4 Large Racks (21, 40, 60, 90 positions)
  • 50mL Standards Vials (10 ea)
  • 15mL Sample Vials (60 ea)
  • Spray chamber and sapphire injector (Complete System Only)

Options Available:

  • SC-FAST Rapid analysis system for increasing throughput, integrating chromatography systems and reducing salt loading of ICP-MS cones.
  • Enclosure Protective cover protecting samples from airborne contaminations. ULPA filtered available on request.
  • Stand positions the SC-4 DX at an ideal height for the Elan ICP-MS.
  • PFA Rinse Delivery System Pressurized rinse cleaning system, giving the lowest possible rinse contamination.
  • Rack Type A variety of racks are available for the SC-4 DX.


Examples of SC-4 DX Rack Configurations

four standard racks (3x7)

six small racks (21 position)

two large racks (2x10), two micro racks (3x7) and a microtiter plate (96 well)

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SC-4 DX Autosampler with 4 large racks, dual rinse, and reset probe

SC-4 DX Autosampler with 4 large racks, dual rinse, and reset probe.

SC-4 DX FAST with Mobile Stand

Rigid reset probe ensures no bent probes and accuracy for small sample vials.

Part # Description
4DXF-C SC-4 DX FAST Complete system
4DXF-A SC-4 DX FAST Basic system

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