prepFAST S
Automated Introduction of Pure Semiconductor Chemicals for ICPMS Analysis

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The prepFAST S is an ultraclean automated sample introduction system for direct analysis of high purity chemicals by ICPMS. The prepFAST S uses inline syringe-driven flows of UPW, high purity HNO3 and standard spike to automate sample and standard preparation.

The ICPMS may be calibrated using either external autocalibration or method of standard addition (MSA). Samples are analyzed either undiluted or diluted and with or without inline spiking of high purity HNO3.

prepFAST S

Calibration Modes:
  • External Autocalibration
  • Automated Method of Standard Additions (MSA)
Sample Analysis Modes:
  • Undiluted
  • Undiluted+MSA Spike
  • Undiluted+Acidification
  • Undiluted+Acidification+MSA Spike
  • Inline Dilution
  • Inline Dilution+MSA Spike
  • Inline Dilution+Acidification
  • Inline Dilution+Acidification+MSA Spike
Additional Capabilities:
  • Automated QC Spiking
  • Automated IS Addition
Benefits of automated preparation of high purity chemicals include:
  • Direct sampling from PFA bottles to reduce risk of contamination
  • Inline dilution to reduce risk of contamination from manual dilution
  • Minimize safety hazards from handling chemicals
  • Increase productivity automating sample and standard preparation

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