prepFAST MC : Automating Sample Purification

prepFAST MC with White Cabinet

prepFAST MC with White Cabinet

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The prepFAST MC™ is a fully automated, low pressure chromatography system that isolates elements of interest from the sample matrix and collects multiple discrete eluent fractions for precise isotopic analysis. The syringe-driven system allows sample loading, multiple acid washes, column conditioning and elution cycles all at user-defined intervals (time, volume and flow rate).

  • Fully automated
  • Syringe control
    • Load exact volume
    • Dispense exact volume
    • Precise flow rates
  • All Fluoropolymer flow path
  • Multiple destination locations
  • Flexible chemistry

Figure 1. SC-4 DX top view with locations for Sample, Fraction 1, Fraction 2, and Fraction 3. Vial sizes, styles and rack configurations are flexible.

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