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High-resolution isotope ratio stratigraphy requires the routine analysis of large numbers of samples. To reduce interferences and minimize matrix effects, extensive purification procedures are used to isolate elements from their natural matrix. Current purification protocols require manually feeding gravity-driven separation columns, a process that is both costly and time consuming. This laboratory bottleneck is eliminated with the prepFAST MC™, an automated, low-pressure ion exchange chromatography system that can process from 1 to 60 samples in unattended operation. The syringe-driven system automatically isolates elements of interest and collects up to 3 discrete fractions at user-defined intervals (time, volume and flow rate). The combination of maximizing sample throughput and minimizing costs associated with personnel and consumables provides an opportunity to greatly expand research horizons in fields where large isotopic data sets are required, including archeology, geochemistry, climate/environmental science, biomedical sciences and food authentication.

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