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The merits of a prepFAST MC™ method for the purification of boron from carbonate samples are demonstrated. The fully automated syringe-driven system cleans the column (0.5M HNO3), conditions the column (DI H2O), loads the sample (0.5M HNO3 buffered with Na acetate/acetic acid), elutes the matrix (DI H2O) and elutes the sample (0.5M HNO3) from the column. User-defined reagent volumes and flow rates result in near complete removal of sample matrix (>99% of Ca) and the quantitative recovery of boron in ~ 600 μL (~ 100% ± 2.7%, n=10). Full automation, precise/accurate syringe control, identical flow path, and one column/resin bed all contribute to the reproducibility of extraction. The concept of resin reuse is validated by > 30 replicate extractions with high yield and minimal carryover (< 0.01%; below our detection).

The prepFAST MC™ processes a sample in approximately 30 mins (48 samples per day) automating timely extraction techniques that will aid the advance of boron isotopes as a mainstream research tool.

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Comparison of prepFAST MC™ purified samples to National Oceanography Centre long term average.

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