Automated Sample Identification, Tracking and Introduction System for ICPMS Analysis

PlasmaTRAX is an advanced, automated sample identification and tracking system that accurately associates stored information with a sample throughout the introduction process. Through a series of four distinct stages, plasmaTRAX uses barcodes to enter, store and reference data associated with a sample from initial collection to taring and final dilution.

From the point of sample collection, TRAXGP associates collection time and GP location with sample container barcode. TRAXMASS associates the information from TRAXGP and tracks it through the dilution process, inputting weight measurements before the preparation process. TRAXPREP has the ability to automatically apply sample digestion procedures according to sample ID code. Finally, TRAXSC introduces samples for ICPMS analysis while confirming sample identity and providing legally defensible data.

TRAXGP - Tracks sample collection time, global position and associates them with sample container

TRAXMASS - Tracks tare weight, sample weight, final weight and associates original sample information from TRAXGP with dilution tube

TRAXPREP - Tracks sample preparation and automatically performs acid additions at the right time

TRAXSC - Tracks sample tubes at the analysis step and accesses sample information:

  • Sample weight and dilution factor
  • Final dilution factor
  • Analytical method to be performed
  • Confirms sample identity and position before analyzing

PlasmaTRAX Brochure
TRAXmass Brochure

PLASMATRAX: Automated Sample Tracking & Identification System

PLASMATRAX: Automated Sample Tracking & Identification System



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