PFA Vials

Designed for the ESI SC-Series autosamplers and other small volume autosamplers, these ultrapure vials are ideal for holding high purity, low volume samples, particularly where the sample matrix is an aggressive acid. An optional PFA cap can be press fitted onto the vials prior to analysis by the autosampler, helping to prevent sample contamination and evaporation.

  • Constructed from high purity, chemically resistant PFA
  • Ultra low contamination-use for all critical analyses
  • Graduated volume markings in mL
  • Available in range of sizes - 1.5mL, 2.5mL and 4mL
  • Translucent bottom for easy observation of micro samples
  • Inside conical bottom for complete sampling of micro samples
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Directly replace other standard PP or PS sample cups of the same style
  • One rack for all vial sizes
  • Superior thermal stability, -200°C up to +260°C
  • Reusable, reducing laboratory waste
  • Optional press fit caps for preventing evaporation or contamination

All of the vials have the same external diameter and fit racks for:

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