Torches & Injectors


Elemental Scientific produces a range of injectors and torches for all applications. These replace directly the standard torches supplied with ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments.

  • All-in-One Quartz Torch - An economical torch, simple to insert and simple to use
  • Standard Demountable Torch - Allows different injectors to be inserted depending on application
  • Precision Quartz Torch - The re-inforced base of the Precision torch reduces the chance of accidental breakage and allows for the precision alignment of the o-ring free injector


ESI produce injectors in a range of i.d. and 3 different materials:

  • Quartz - An economical solution for many non-HF applications. Ideal in 1mm i.d. for organic solvent analysis
  • Sapphire - HF resistant injector, ideal for most high purity and low background applications
  • Platinum - HF resistant injector, recommended for improved performance for sub to low ppt Al determinations

These injectors are available in 2 formats:

  • Standard Injectors - O-ring free direct connection to ESI spray chambers
  • O-ring free Injectors - O-ring free seal reduces contamination, easy to clean and easy to insert

ESI has torches and injectors available for all of the following ICP instruments. Please contact us to inquire about instruments not listed.

Nu Instruments
Leeman Labs
Thermo Fisher

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Selection of Torches and Injectors

Selection of Torches and Injectors

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