Apex IR Deslovating Nebulizer

The Apex IR desolvating nebulizer was developed for Isotope Ratio analysis. It has a quartz flow path and includes an additional mixing chamber that further homogenizes and stabilizes the sample aerosol stream, resulting in a more stable signal from the ICP-MS.

  • Improves sensitivity 3–10 fold depending on sample flow rate.
  • Supplied with 2 PFA MicrFlow nebulizers
  • O-ring free Quartz sample flow path
  • Flow rates from 20 - 600µL/min
  • Dual preset temperature settings for heater (100°C / 140°C) and cooler (-3°C / +2°C)
  • Nitrogen addition control
  • Upgrade with Membrane Desolvation
  • Retrofit to Apex Q version

Sr Ratios (NBS 987) Standard Error (abs.) x 10-6
SIS/PFA-50 Apex IR/PFA-100
200 ppb 10 ppb 100 ppb
84Sr/86Sr* 15.3 25.8 2.8
87Sr/86Sr* 3.9 7.8 2.7
88Sr/86Sr 123 111 49.8
     *Ratio normalized to 88Sr/86Sr Thermo Neptune

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Apex IR
Apex IR inlet system for Isotope Ratio analysis

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